Sign Up For The​ 8 Hour/AB Combo

July 25, 2023
Newport News
Residence Inn Newport News
531 St. Johns Road, Newport News, VA 23602
8:15 AM to
 9:30 PM
Course Investment: $725

What's Included With Your Registration:

Your 8 Hour Pre-License Textbooks:

Business Basics, Contractor Pre-License Education written by AVAC’s founder, Toni Ewell


Your A/B Exam Prep Textbooks (Pre-highlighted & Tabbed):

NASCLA Contractor’s Guide to Business Law and Project Management, Virginia 9th Edition

Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, 2018 Edition, USBC


Your 8 Hour Pre-License Study Guide:

The AVAC Workbook & Study Guide for the A/B Business Exam


Your Materials:

Pens, Highlighters, Notepads, Publications & Forms


Your Certificate of Completion for the 8 Hour Pre-License: And notification to DPOR of your completion of the course.


Continued Guidance: 

Support from your instructor as you complete the licensing & exam process.

You also get the instructor’s personal contact information to call anytime with questions.

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